The KNX Phone Mount buying guide
Willie Blount Jan 31, 2018

Have you ever accidentally dropped one of your smartphones? Do you find carrying your smartphone and portable power bank inconvenient? Have you lost precious productive time juggling your work and personal smartphones? If so, it is high time you buy a KNX Mount for your smartphone carrying needs.

Smartphones are a necessity of today’s technology-driven life. They boost the productivity of individuals and help us flourish in both- our personal and professional lives. However, to meet the demands of the hour, sometimes, we need more than one smartphone. Now, when you have to deal with two smartphones at a time or carry your portable power bank along, you have to live with the challenges of managing both devices. Buying a phone mount is the solution, however, you must be sure to buy the best one to fit your situation. Here is why a KNX phone mount might be right for you:

  • Why buy?

The first step is to assess the need for buying a phone mount. If you find it annoying to charge your phone with your power bank while on the go,  or find it to be a pain to keep track of two smartphones, or you just wish your phone could do more, then buying a KNX Mount will be your best decision.  A KNX Mount is a rail and slide mounting system which will connect to the back of your phone or case and mate to your battery, another smartphone or countless accessories.

  • What to buy?

There are countless phone mounts out there.  The right mount will not only give you the ability to connect a power bank or another phone, it’ll enable you to transform what you’ve envisioned your phone could do.  Ideally, the mount would be universal and would not force you into buying a smartphone case that doesn’t fit your needs, style, or utility. When you have two smartphones, having a KNX phone mount becomes essential. Not only can you carry your smartphones with ease or mount and plug in portable power banks, you’ll also be able to keep your favorite smartphone case on your phone to preserve your own personal style and the protection you desire from your favorite brand.

  • How to buy?

KNX Mounts are new on the market and are making a splash in small, niche groups.  The United States based company, KNX Mounts, is working on growth and is keeping its early pricing very low for the earliest adopters and currently does all work by 3D print.  Finishing is done in-house. Find KNX Mounts on or Check them out and compare this solution and their prices with the other products in the market. When you are sure about the value of the mount; buy it!!